AdBlue: Practical information for haulage companies

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If you own a haulage company, chances are that you’ve already come across AdBlue. In fact, your fleet might already be using it. But it always pays to have all the details. And if you’re just setting up, you’ll need to know as much about AdBlue as possible. Here at Compass Fuel Oils Ltd, we are leading fuel oil experts, offering a number of services across the UK . This includes AdBlue. As a result, often asked a number of questions about AdBlue, that generally fall into the same categories. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to AdBlue for haulage companies.

What is AdBlue and what is used for?

AdBlue is a diesel exhaust fluid that is used to treat exhaust gases and remove harmful pollutants, particularly nitrogen oxides, like nitrogen dioxide, which is one of the most dangerous. This can help large diesel vehicles produce less pollution, and meet the regulations put in place by the EU to protect air quality and the health of the population.

If your haulage vehicle needs AdBlue, then you must be sure to always keep the levels of AdBlue topped up. When AdBlue runs out, you could find that your vehicle will no longer start, or will be restricted to a low speed.

Practical information for haulage companies

So, what do haulage companies need to know? Well, Adblue is essential for all commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses and industrial vehicles, that weigh more than 7.5 tonnes and are manufactured after October 2006. That means that for most haulage companies, AdBlue is an essential part of business. So, here are the most common questions we are asked, regarding AdBlue and haulage.

How do you top up AdBlue?

Topping up of AdBlue is something that many garages offer as part of routine servicing for diesel trucks. But most diesel drivers, will need to top up at least once between services, and haulage vehicles with high mileage will need to top up even more frequently. To top up, read the instructions from the manufacturer thoroughly, and be sure to locate the AdBlue filler before you begin. Do not pour AdBlue into the diesel tank.

How do you check AdBlue levels?

Most new vehicles will notify the driver when any errors are detected, including low AdBlue levels. This will usually involve a series of warnings as it becomes further depleted, so it is important to get a refill as soon as you can.

How frequently does AdBlue need topping up?

The more you drive, and the more miles you cover, the more AdBlue your vehicle will use, and the more frequently it will need to be topped up. For haulage vehicles, for every 100 gallons of fuel burned, 4–6 gallons of AdBlue will be used. This can help you estimate how frequently your vehicles will need to be topped up.

How much AdBlue will you need?

Estimating how much AdBlue your fleet will need for any given time can be a difficult challenge. But you can start by working out the average fleet fuel consumption for a month, in gallons, and know that around 4 to 6% of this, is the amount of AdBlue that would also be used in a typical month.

Planning ahead is a great way to keep your vehicles well maintained and on the road. So, for high-quality, reliable AdBlue supplies, why not get in touch with the team today, here at Compass Fuels.